DEWALT Guaranteed Tough hand tools

Hand Tools

When you’re determined to get the job done, choose DEWALT GUARANTEED TOUGH HAND TOOLS.


DEWALT® hand tools are designed to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions. Engineered to deliver the same standard of excellence as our power tools, DEWALT hand tools are conceived on the jobsite and built to exceed the expectations of professional construction trades.

Close up of  Carbon Fiber Composite Staple Gun being used to staple material.


DEWALT fasteners are manufactured with durability in mind. Offering unrivaled versatility on the job site, DEWALT fasteners can shoot heavy and light duty staples into an array of materials. These products are designed to perform, using lightweight carbon fibre construction for extreme strength and durability.


Demolition work requires tough tools to get the job done. Designed to efficiently break and remove material, DEWALT makes demolition work easier and quicker. From wrecking bars to carbon fibre sledgehammers, we have you covered.


DEWALT cutting products are designed with flexibility in mind. Save time on the jobsite with our versatile line of products, from a hacksaw that offers 5 different saw positions to a folding jab saw suitable for both drywall cutting and plane cutting.


Achieve masterful precision with DEWALT measuring and layout tools. Discover our range of manual measuring and layout instruments including measuring tapes, chalk reels, levels, squares, and bevels.


From precision machined plier jaws perfect for gripping, twisting and cutting. Through to magnetic tipped screwdrivers, color coded to make tip selection a breeze. Our Screwdriving and Plier ranges are engineered to perform.