SDS Max Hollow Drill 32mm

Product Overview

The DEWALT Hollow Drill Bits enable almost dust-free drilling while complying with the common, stricter standards for health protection when used with an M class vacuum. The majority of the drilling dust and debris is immediately removed when produced at the tip of the drill. This means the Hollow Drill Bits are also perfect for use in indoor applications. Time savings and increased productivity are extra benefits when setting chemical anchors as there may be no need to clean out the holes (check specific ETA regulations for the specific application). These drill bits are available with SDS-plus and SDS-max shanks.

Additional Features

  • Y-Cutter Carbide for exact positioning, perfect starting and maximum durability


  • Suitable for drilling of anchor holes in concrete


32 mm
Product Height
25 in
Working Length
400 mm
Application Material
Product Length
600 mm
Product Weight
0.129 lbs



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