Product information

Can you explain XR FLEXVOLT?
XR FLEXVOLT is our revolutionary range of 54V cordless tools that give you the power of corded with the freedom of cordless. The XR FLEXVOLT battery is the only battery on the market that automatically switches from 54V to 18V enabling it to power both 18V and 54V power tools in the 18V XR and XR FLEXVOLT ranges. Find out more about XR FLEXVOLT here.
Where can I find my local DEWALT Retailer?
Our convenient locator helps you to find your nearest authorised DEWALT retailer. Full details can be found here.
Can I use XR FLEXVOLT batteries in my 18V XR Tools?

A. Yes. XR FLEXVOLT batteries are backwards compatible with all 18V XR products and chargers — any XR 18V cordless power tool that you already have can be powered by an XR FLEXVOLT battery. Find out more about XR FLEXVOLT here.

Where can I find product manuals?
All our products manuals can be found on our dedicated service website by simply entering a product by code or name in the search. To do this, follow the link here. 
Where can I find the vibration levels for my DEWALT tools?

The product page will list the vibration figures for your tool. To get to product pages enter a product by code or name in the search bar at the top of our web pages.

Where can I find download Declaration of Performance certificates for fastenings?

For all technical information relating to anchors and fastenings please click here.


How do I register my DEWALT Power Tool for the 3 Year extended warranty?
Users can extend the warranty of their DEWALT tools for upto 3 years. Simply subscribe to MYDEWALT, follow the instructions to register your product, and add it to your Tool Overview within 4 weeks of purchase. To subscribe, click here.
Where can my product be repaired under warranty?
Use our convenient locator to help you find your nearest authorised DEWALT service agent. More details can be found here.
What are the terms of my guarantee?
You can view the full terms & conditions of your guarantee here

Service & technical information

Where do I find my model number?
In order to find accurate parts, manuals and drawings for your tool you must know the tool's model number and type number. On DEWALT tools, the model number and type number are usually on the warning label or nameplate typically found on the bottom or side of the tool. The label for larger equipment, like generators, can be found on the top of the equipment.
Where do I find my serial number?

 The serial number of your tool can usually be found either on the rating label or within the battery compartment. It will either be a series of numbers or a mixture of letters and numbers. For help finding your serial number please view the PDF guide attached here.

Where do I find my date code?
The date code is the year of manufacture followed by the week and the plant. For example, a product made in the second week of 2017 in plant 59 would be 2017- 02 59. For help finding your date code please view the pdf guide attached here.
How do I contact Service Technical?

You can contact Service Technical by visiting our service website here.


Head over to our dedicated service site, where you can ask us a question.


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