Tool Connect uses Bluetooth to let you easily connect to and control your tools via the Tool Connect app or online. Use it to protect, monitor, assign and keep track of your tools across multiple jobsites. Get connected to the jobsite of the future.

Assign your assets

Easily allocate your tools to specific users across multiple jobsites and set alerts and return dates. Tool Connect can name, log and monitor all your assets to help you effectively manage your tool inventory. You can also use it to manage service information and even add purchase dates and costs.

Track and trace

Use the Tool Connect app to quickly locate your tools and ensure they’ re where they need to be when they need to be there. 

30L of tough storage

Monitor diagnostics

Get alerts when tools are used too rigorously, or when battery life is low — the app even lets you locate nearby service centres.

Lost and found

Track your tools and identify where they were last seen by using the 30m radius virtual fence. This alerts you when your tools leave so that you can remotely disable them.

Inventory management

Tracking and possession data of tools connected to the app is sent automatically to your Inventory Manager account.


Tools with integrated Tool Connect can be customised for the specific task at hand and can even be tracked when their battery is not attached.

Modify your options

Speed settings, LED brightness and custom alerts are all customisable with Integrated Tool Connect and Bluetooth.

Alter your impact

The DCF888 impact driver has a customisable precision drive.

Hammer your way

The DCD997 hammer drill has a customisable bind up control and customisable RPM in each speed setting.

proximity alerts

proximity alerts

With a 30m radius virtual fence you know that you’re tools are close by. The app alerts you if your tools leave the fence and lets you enable or disable the tools remotely. You can also mark tools as lost or stolen and use the Tool Connect network to find them.

Why do I need Tool Connect?

Spend less time looking or waiting for your tools. By connecting, allocating, and tracking your tools across multiple job sites, boost your productivity and protect your assets. The Tool Connect app automatically updates with data from connected to ols to give you real-time information on your connected jobsite assets.

Last seen

Keep track of your jobsite assets by checking where and when they were last seen.


Manage your jobsite by assigning your tools to others and set alerts and return dates.


Tools with integrated Tool Connect can be customised for the job at hand.

Missing Asset

Mark tools as lost or stolen and use the Tool Connect network to find them.

Virtual Fence

Use the 30m radius virtual fence for alerts when your tools leave it.


Locate your tools and ensure they’re where you need them to be.